Reiki is form of Japanese energy healing, where the practitioner works as a "hollow bone" to allow universal energy to flow through them. Reiki is intelligent and flows to where it is needed most; whether that is physical, mental, or emotional. It is gentle, supportive, and never harmful. 

Before the session, we will discuss anything that may be going on with you, or any areas that you would like to focus on.  I always work with safe touch (no touching of the breasts, buttocks, or genitals), but am happy to work off the body if that is more comfortable for you. 

60 Minutes is a great amount of time for a session that is Reiki only. 


Shamanism is an ancient practice that has existed in most, if not all, ancestral cultures across the world. A shamanic practitioner can journey to non-ordinary reality to work with helping spirits to perform a healing or return with information on a specific question or intention. 

A Shamanic session will always start with a discussion on what you want to work on in the session, and a diagnostic journey to my helping spirits to confirm what methods they recommend. We will discuss what they recommend before doing any additional work.

120 minutes is required for an initial shamanic session, as there is more discussion and diagnostic work required. Consultation and shorter follow-up sessions are available.  


Mediumship is giving voice to a spirit in ordinary reality. It can be any spirit; elementals, fairies, and ancestor are common. Many people have spirits nearby that have a message for them. Passing on that message is often a gift to the recipient, and allows the spirit to move on. I do not call in spirits that are not already there.

I recommend that Medium work be combined with a Shamanic session. I have found that the two modalities work very well together, and often both are required to resolve issues related to a spirit that is choosing to stay with a particular person.   

I will always let a client know if there is a spirit present with a message, and have found that if a discussion focuses on a spirit that isn't currently present, they will come forward if they wish to speak. 

Types of Shamanic Services


With journeying, the shamanic practitioner enters a trance like state, with the assistance of a drum or rattle, and meets with a power animal or compassionate helping spirit to discuss an issue for the client. The practitioner will return with a message or advice on what can help provide healing or resolution. Some healing or distant work is done in journey space. 


In divination, the shamanic practitioner does a journey to a compassionate helping spirit, asking them to show the potential outcomes for a set of choices that the client needs or wants to make. We would discuss any potential choices, and what questions we would want answered before the journey.

Curse Unravelling

Curses, spells, and other forms of projected ill intent have been part of human culture in some form since the very beginning. They do not have to be intentional and can be continued from past lives and/or ancestral lines.  A shamanic practitioner will work with helping spirits to diagnose and unravel the thought form. 



In an Inkan Illumination, we are clearing the emotional/energetic imprint of a past event from the energy field. In ceremonial space the shamanic practitioner will have you blow the incompatible energy into a stone and replace it with light. This allows a permanent shift and the beginning of true healing of issues like grief, fear, abandonment, or illness. 

Power Animal Retrieval

Power animals are a helping spirit that offers assistance, guidance, and support.  They are available to everyone on their life journey, and bring a medicine and power that can help us on our life journeys.  In ceremonial space, the practitioner journey to find a power animal willing to come and partner with you.  


A psychopomp is a conductor of souls. The shamanic practitioner works with helping spirits to assist the soul of a deceased being to  move on to whatever comes next. The vast majority of beings move on naturally when they pass, but a psychopomp service can assist when a spirit gets stuck for any reason. 


Soul Retrieval

Soul Retrieval is a technique to return a piece of us that may have left during a traumatic event in our past. While that may have been great at that time, we need them to be present now to be healthy and happy. A practitioner will journey to find a soul piece that is ready and willing to return, and blow it into the heart and crown chakras to return it to the client. 

Space Clearing

In space clearing the shamanic practitioner will clear away negative energy or non-native spirits. This is good when reclaiming a space after a breakup, or when moving into a new space. It can also be done if the energy feels heavy or different in a space. A clearing can also be recommended as part of a different healing. 

Compassionate Depossession

In a compassionate depossession, the shamanic practitioner is assisting the client in removing an attached spirit that did not move on when it passed or was bound to remain by a curse or spell.  Attached beings pull energy from their "host," and may cause health or other problems for the person they are attached to.  


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